Sending regular newsletters or email campaigns (much like a business blog) is a critical component of communicating with your users. Through regular email marketing campaigns you can build a customer-base that can translate into continued traffic and continued revenue.

What do your customers get out of email marketing?

Information! Useful information can make all the difference in getting people to open, read and (most importantly) click through to your site. Without this, you don’t get the traffic you need to convert visitors to customers.

News! From special offers to latest updates, your newsletter helps you notify your users about anything new.

Communication! Newsletters are also a handy tool in opening up dialogue with your users. This doesn’t mean that they’ll respond directly to you, but it does mean that they feel like you’re communicating with them.

What do you get out of newsletters?

Email marketing helps you convey information and news to your customers. This regular (and it does need to be regular) communication reminds your users that you’re still there and still relevant. Without this, they’ll go looking for what they need somewhere else.

A big subscriber list means potential traffic, which you can convert into potential sales.

You can also use email marketing to build up anticipation around a sale or launch, leading to higher sales on the day.

However you choose to use newsletters, they are a Must-Have when it comes to creating a dynamic online experience. Let us help you put together killer copy that will help you convert readers to customers.