Interested in one of our services? Here’s a quick breakdown of how you can expect it to work.

Business Blogging and Email Marketing

These are the basic steps that we’ll follow for both the blogs and the newsletters.

Step 1: You choose a plan and tell us what you’re looking for. We’ll get to know your business, and chat to you about any questions you (or we) may have.

Step 2: We put together an outline for your blog – this will consist of a suggested header and a few lines on what the blog / newsletter will cover. If you’ve opted for a blog package, we’ll put together a suggested schedule for you. This should take approximately 24 hours, depending on what you’re looking for.

Step 3: We write a draft of your blog and send this to you for approval. Give us about two days for this. Once you’ve seen the draft you can send it back with any revisions or edits you would like done. We’re happy to do up to three revisions for each blog / newsletter. This will take a day or two, depending on how many changes you would like.

Step 4: We send through the final copy and image for you to load on your site, or set up on your email marketing service.

Social Media Strategy

For this option, we’d need to get to know your company and chat about what you’re looking for. Based on your requirements, we can put together a schedule of posts for your social networks.

Once you approve the schedule, we will send you a selection of posts for each week.

Site Health

This is simply about tracking your progress and maintaining your site. To do this, you would need to provide us with admin access to your WordPress site, along with access to any other services you would like monitored.

For tracking, we will access these sites once a month, or week (as agreed upon), and compile a report for you.

For maintenance, we would access your WordPress site once a week / month. We can then update any plugins and moderate any comments. Where comments are concerned, we can approve and publish anything that doesn’t require a response. For comments that do require a response, we can forward these to you for reply.