Boom! ‘nuf said. Drop the mic. 

That’s the impact the right photo can have on a reader. It can sum up what you’ve said or make your point better than any words could. So why not make sure that you display your images in the best way possible?

FooPlugins does just this, bringing you better image and video galleries and lightboxes for WordPress. 

FooBox: A Responsive Image Lightbox

FooBox is a responsive lightbox. By using this plugin on WordPress, your visitors will be able to open your images in a lightbox above the page. Or use it for video, or add html to FooBox. 

FooBox PRO comes with added features. Add Social Sharing to your images. or customise your lightbox theme. There are so many ways FooBox can help you up your WordPress game and showcase those beautiful photos of yours. 

FooGallery: A WordPress Media Gallery

If you’ve taken the time to set up and shoot beautiful photos, or you’ve dedicated hours to composing videos, you want them to look beautiful on your website. FooGallery can do that for you. 

More than that, it is easy to use. In fact, the below gallery took just 2 minutes to make…

FooGallery Free comes with a host of templates, features and settings which allow you to create spectacular galleries. FooGallery PRO comes with this and more. From filtering and Video, to more advanced settings, this WordPress gallery allows you to build galleries that do your images justice.

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