To give yourself time to add content to your site, you’ll want to set up a landing page. This can vary in complexity and style, and you can use it to your advantage.

Too often, we come across sites that simply say ‘coming soon’. You never know if you’ve hit the right page, or whether the site is being constructed or maintained. Your landing page can provide anyone who comes to your site with the information they need. For this, you will need a plugin.

Making a landing page work for you

You can include an image, a title, and a short description, all to let your readers know where they are. Some also allow for people to stay updated – they can sign up for a newsletter or select to be notified when the site is live.

An opt-in on the landing page is useful for curating a list of subscribers that you know will be interested in what you have to say. You can use this to create a buzz  around the launch of the website, or just to keep people interested in your content.

A landing page can also simply tell people that your site will launch soon. You may have decided not to announce the site on Facebook, for example, until it’s ready. In which case, there won’t be too many people looking for it. But you still want to have a landing page.

In this case, your landing page can be a straightforward ‘launching soon’. But it should still be interesting.

Making your landing page stand out

To make your landing page stand out, you can add images, and bold text that gives the site name and a description. You can add details about when the site will launch (if you’re certain of the date).

Don’t go for a single colour screen with the only words being ‘coming soon’. Would you be interested enough to come back to that site?

There are plenty of available plugins that will let you set up a decent landing page. Most will also offer a mode for when the site is under construction or maintenance.

Once your landing page is installed and working, it’s time to get started on your site. To begin, you’ll want to install your essential plugins.

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Featured Image by sanjit pandey from Pixabay