Before you go live, make sure you’ve done everything you need to do. Here’s a Go Live Checklist to help you. This guide can also be used step-by-step, to ensure you don’t miss anything.

Step 1 – Planning Outline goals

Understand that this impacts on the type of website
Establish target market and estimate number of visitors
Work out budget
Establish required features (e.g. woocommerce)

Step 2 – Domain & Email

Research domain names
Select preferred name, have other back up names
Set up email address
Forward email address (If applicable)

Step 3 – Hosting

Research hosting companies
Sign up with most suitable company

Step 4 – Install WordPress

Install WordPress

Step 5 – Social Networks & Newsletter

Establish which social networks to use
Create Facebook page
Create 1 or 2 other social accounts
Set up newsletter account

Step 6 – Landing page

Install landing page plugin (if necessary)
Set up landing page
Collect email addresses (If applicable)

Step 7 – Install Plugins

Install necessary plugins for:
Image gallery / lightbox
Google Analtyics
other features you may need

Step 8 – Content & SEO

Create content (pages / posts)
Add Contact Us page
Ensure SEO is good for your content

Step 9 – Install theme

Look for a theme to suit your needs
Check the reviews
Check the date it was published and updated
Select your theme and install
Customize your theme
Add logo or images (where necessary)

Step 10 – Tracking & Monitoring

Use analytics plugin to start tracking site usage

Featured Image by TeroVesalainen from Pixabay