Team Vibes

VibrantWeb was started by us, Tam and Brad Vincent. In fact, that’s how we got our name – it’s a mixup of the letters of our names. Which is kind of perfect, as VibrantWeb combines our skills and expertise, meaning we can solve most problems while helping your create a dynamic and Vibrant online experience.


I’m the English boff in this duo. I’ve studied English for years (I have my Masters now), taught English for even more years, and now I write (as often as I can). My focus now is on writing for online, which is a lot more complex than it sounds. I take pride in what and how I write, and I believe that the main ingredients of a successful blog are good language, a good idea and a compelling reason to read them.

I also have a strong inclination for fun, relaxation and family time! If you can’t find me online, it’s probably because I’m reading a book, playing a game, or having a good time with friends and family.


Definitely the computer whizz! I’ve worked in computers since I can remember and now I specialise in developing awesome WordPress plugins. My aim is to create useful plugins that are clean and efficient. After all, why do something in two steps if you can accomplish it in one?

I really get a kick out of building good plugins. But I also take time off to relax with my family and get up to some fun with friends. And one of my favourite hobbies is brewing (and tasting) new and hoppy beers.