Here’s a breakdown of our pricing for each of our services. Please note that pricing may differ depending on individual requirements and specifications. Or go here for details on How It Works.

Business Blogging

Business blogs are 500-700 words and include one featured image. Each blog will focus on one keyword. For additional requirements, please chat to us about what you need and we’ll put together a quote for you.

Product Price (in Rands) Posts Frequency Contract Price Per Blog (in Rands)
Once-off blog 1 500 1 Once-off Once-off 1 500
Monthly blog 1 250 1 Monthly 3 Months 1 250
Bi-weekly blog 2 000 2 B-Weekly 2 Months 1000
Weekly blog 3 000 4 Weekly 1 Month 750
Long-term weekly blog 12 000 24 Weekly 6 Months 500

Already have your own content, but it just needs an edit? No problem! We can edit and revise your content for you. Let us know what you need, send us a sample, and we’ll give you a quote.


Your email marketing will be unique to your company. You may prefer more extensive copy, or a quick, easy-to-read newsletter with plenty of links and graphics. The pricing for newsletters and email marketing will be based on your individual requirements, and will take into account frequency, length and design specifications. Contact us for a price.

Social Media Strategy

Your approach to social media marketing will depend on how often you post, and to how many networks. Let us help you put together a strategy that will work for you and your clients.

Site Health

Keep track of your site’s health – have a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly report compiled for you. Track your growth or see which areas need more work. Metrics can be tracked for sales, visitors, page views, social media, email marketing and more. Pricing will depend on number of metrics required.

Monthly: starting from R800 per month

Bi-weekly: starting from R1 500 per month

Weekly: starting from R2 000 per month

Site Maintenance

Ensure your site is functioning optimally. Get your plugins updated to the latest version and ensure waiting comments are published, responded to or deleted. Price will depend on number of plugins and maintenance frequency.

To find out more about how we work, have a look here or meet the team.