Using a Coming Soon page is an important step in launching your site. Whether you’re announcing a product launch or a website that will be live soon, you need this page.

A site takes time to build, and you want to use that time to create a bit of hype around what you’re doing. You can (and should) use your social networks to build on this. But you can also use the Coming Soon page as a handy tool.

Why You Should Use a Coming Soon Page

Someone may stumble across your site while you’re building it, and if you’re not ready, this can be detrimental. More than that, however, is that you want people to find your page. Let me explain…

You want to get your website out there. You want people to know what you’re creating. And you want people to be excited about your launch. But you don’t want them to see your site while it’s being constructed. This is where a Coming Soon page comes in handy.

Using a landing page while building your site can give visitors the first glimpse of what’s to come. It can let people know when it’s coming. But more than this, you can use it to spark interest and build on this.

What you should include

To build on this interest, you should include a Call to Action (CTA). For example, inspire people to sign an opt-in form on your Coming Soon page. This will allow you to gather important information from those who want to stay up-to-date with what you’re doing. You can collect names and email addresses, using these for a newsletter list to announce things like your launch date or exciting new features.

One way to get people excited is to offer a launch special or introductory offer – “Sign up now and be the first to try it” or “be the first to know”. Fear of missing out can entice more people to sign up. This works well with a countdown to when your site or product will launch.

But to keep people interested, you should ensure that your Coming Soon page is interesting! You need to convey what your site is all about. But remember this is a static page, so you need to convey this simply and effectively. Think short, powerful content or stunning (relevant) visuals. If you have a logo, include it!

The copy needn’t be one line long, and many Coming Soon pages make use of quite lengthy text. But to pull this off your copy has to be superbly written. After all, you only have a few seconds o catch your visitor’s attention and compel them to sign up, stay tuned or find out more.

Include a way for people to get more information. Your social platforms should be up and running, so include buttons to these. If you have an email address for your site, or a telephone number, you can include this as well; an email address is more convenient for international sites.

However you choose to design your Coming Soon page, you need to ensure that it is eye-catching and has a CTA that people won’t be able to resist. The more interest and excitement around your product or site, the more successful your launch will be.

Featured Image by Darwin Laganzon from Pixabay